About Bestnet: 30 years of experience, 6 companies, 3 main areas

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We are your reliable partner in the metal industry

  • We use modern equipment and innovative materials in production.
  • We feel responsible for the preservation of the environment around us.
  • In all areas of our activities, respect and care for both our employees and our customers are clearly the first priority.

The Bestnet group started in 1990 from the company Bestnet AS, which is known primarily as a manufacturer of TIKI and AKU branded trailers. In 2019, we opened a new modern production building in Paldiski. In a factory area of 25,000 m2, we produce an average of 20,000 trailers per year and cover nearly 20,000 tons of metal with various surface coatings.
90% of our production is exported to nearly 10 different countries.

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6 companies
200+ employees
30+ years of experience
6 countries

Bestnet group values

Our values are not just empty words. Behind the formulation of the values are our own people from different companies and different positions within the Bestnet group.

In the value creation period that started in 2018, we realised that every one of our employees is a force with the power to change the world. Our shared values characterise what we have in common and in common across the group, as well as what we strive for. Our common values are not whittled down from textbooks, nor are they derived from consultants.

I am a force
  • I do my job proudly and well and celebrate success
  • I am honest, brave and innovative
  • I consciously share information, value my time and the time of others.
  • The safety, well-being and success of us all depends on me
  • An agreement is an agreement!
We have the strength
  • We are strong and we care for each other
  • Sharing experiences, engaging and learning from each other
  • We notice and recognise
  • We are open, listen and trust each other
  • You have to have fun too!
Let's change the world
  • We are pioneers in our fields and encourage new solutions.
  • Achieving our goals by acting responsibly and in an environmentally sustainable way
  • We give strength to the development of Estonian life
  • We have a lot to offer – making life better for our employees, customers and partners.
  • Still can!
We are good to work with

The Bestnet group employs more than 200 people. While our companies have somewhat different histories, sectors and sizes, valuing the employee is a priority everywhere.

Our companies, many of which have been in business for decades, have been merged into a single group in recent years. We encourage our employees to work together across groups to create more and more synergies between companies. We are developing rapidly in many areas and we are waiting for curious and willing people to join us, who want to grow with us and share their wisdom and experience with us.

We value people in all positions and we notice progress, both small and big. We value learning and lifelong development. We offer our employees the opportunity to update their skills through professional training to develop as professionals. We also encourage participation in training that supports personal development and value employees’ personal lives.

We offer career opportunities across the board, recognise the best every year, encourage learners, remember everyone’s birthday, celebrate anniversaries and support sport.

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