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We produce an average of 20,000 trailers per year and export to nearly ten countries. We are known for modern technology and innovative solutions that ensure high quality, durability and an eye-catching appearance for our trailers.

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30+ years of experience

150+ trailer models

300,000+ satisfied customers in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries

We have been manufacturing car trailers for the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for over 30 years to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. The harsh conditions of the Nordic countries have presented a real challenge to our product developers – to build trailers that would be durable, but at the same time with a modern design. Functionality and innovation are reflected in all our trailers. Trailer parts that are not manufactured by our factory are purchased from the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure maximum trailer durability.

As an innovative company, we provide our customers with convenient, fast and contactless 24/7 trailer purchase and rental.

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Designed for the harsh conditions of the Nordic countries, the high-quality and extremely durable TIKI trailers are present on the Scandinavian and Baltic markets.
Designed for the harsh conditions of the Nordic countries, AKU's high quality and extremely durable trailers are present on the Finnish market.
Helon trailers are designed for the user who values comfort and quality above all else.
The Betanet range of trailers offers the best value for money without compromising on durability or functionality.
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Are you a car owner, motorsport enthusiast, maritime person, entrepreneur? We help make organizing any transport service as convenient and easy as possible. We are a versatile partner for the sale and production of trailers both in Estonia and Scandinavia!

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